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Frequently Asked Questions

How many kilometers do your engines and transmissions have on them?

It is not possible to quote the exact number of miles an engine or transmission has. We at Mike`s Engines make an estimate based on the 70,000 Kilometer Theory. Our theory takes the average number of kilometers driven annually in Japan and multiplies it with the average number of years a vehicle is driven in Japan. While some of our engines and transmissions carry an average of 70,000 kilometers, most in our line of stock will actually have less.

Do the Japanese have to sell their engines or scrap their cars at a particular amount of kilometers or time?

No, the Japanese do not have to sell their engines or scrap their cars once a certain mileage or time has been reached. The Japanese Car Inspection, or Sha-ken as it is called in Japan, determines whether a vehicle is cost-effective to keep. Sha-ken is a detailed bi-annual inspection that is very expensive, especially for older cars that may not pass. The owner is penalized heavily for any failures.

Are your engines complete?

Yes, our engines are mostly sold complete except for the starter motor and aircon compressor.

Do your engines meet the South African requirements emissions control?

Yes, in fact they are stricter on these standards in Japan.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Yes we do deliver throughout the Western Cape and can also organize crating and delivery throughout the whole of South Africa for a nominal charge..

What kind of warranty comes with my engine or transmission?

Our warranties differ from engine to engine. Our regular petrol engines will carry a 3 month warranty whilst the high performance engines and all diesel engines have a 1 month warranty.

What comes with an engine?

In general, the engine comes with an intake manifold, exhaust manifold, fuel injection, alternator, distributor, usually partial wire harness that are cut near the engine, oil pan, valve cover, pulleys, etc.

Do you export to other countries?

Yes we export to a number of countires, we can also organise engine clearance certificates for you if required.

How do I go about registering my new engine?

First you have to install your engine in your vehicle, then you will need to get an RPC(Request for Police Clearance) from the Traffic Dept. Along with the RPC form and your ID document you will need to drive to your nearest Traffic Clearance Dept, where they will inspect the engine for the engine number and add it to their system.

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